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The Story About Made In Northamptonshire

Made In Northamptonshire was set up in 2011 to celebrate the county’s food and drink producers and those who stock and serve their tasty treats and tipples. We are a proud partner of the Northamptonshire Surprise campaign which is showcasing the county’s food and drink offer in 2019. What better way to reach more customers than to launch the only place that you can only purchase Northamptonshire food and drink from our artisan producers, MINonlyne?

We know from customers that we meet when we’re promoting Made In Northamptonshire and the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards at festivals, in towns and in businesses, that having access to these tasty delights all in one place, and delivered to your door, is long overdue.

Thank you for browsing and we hope that you’ll find some tasty things to try or even buy regularly. New deals and opportunities for our county foodies will be announced soon but please do keep in touch if we can do more. Northamptonshire is a great place to live and work – and we proudly boast – a great place to eat and support the ‘buy local’ movement.

We are passionate about local food and drink!

Rachel and Anna